What uniform does a programmer usually wear?


Well, we need to explain this because kids are really questioning this, which is a really good thing because they think that being a programmer is a really cool job. Thus, the cool job should have an uniform that should identify and describe it 🙂

Ok kids, this is my best shot: the uniform of a programmer would be jeans and sneakers and a backpack.

Do you have to wear it? No.

Does it make you a programmer? No.

But the jeans, and the sneakers and the backpack are the closest thing to describe a programmer. So you basically can wear anything and become an awesome programmer because the way you dress will not prevent you to be a rockstar programmer 🙂

So our real “uniform” are these, kids: creativity, freedom and determination. As long as you got this, you can be whatever you want. Including to be a programmer 🙂


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