Getting Prepared for Minecraft Programming


Finally things are set up to do Minecraft modding πŸ™‚

After the CanaryMod server is up

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.52.00


Some modifications on server and world files has to be done first


Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.52.46 Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.53.03

Run Minecraft

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.53.45

Choose some settings before play

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.54.11


Choose Multiplayer

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.54.48


And there it is the server is waiting for login

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.54.55


And now we are inside the game ready to do some modifications! πŸ™‚


Tangkapan layar 2015-01-07 21.44.59


This is a command in javascript to say hello to self
Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.40.20 Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.40.25


*note: don’t forget to op the username on the server command line

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.33.19

This is what happen when you declare an oak blocks:

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.43.13So basically to do modifications, just create .js files under scriptcraft\plugins\{username} like this:

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.49.04

refresh the game

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.49.18

and then use the function has been created
Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.52.32

to get something like this

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.52.36

and create another script

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.55.54

do refresh and try to boo yourself

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.56.29

and get boo-ed

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.56.35

or try some yo

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.56.44

and get yo-ed LOL

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.56.50


More complex command can also be done

Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.59.36

to get something like this
Tangkapan layar 2015-01-08 10.59.18

Well, the possibility is endless! This is an awesome way to teach and encourage kids to create, to modify, to learn about codes subliminally (because they will also learn about looping, function and if-conditions by building things ;))

ProCodeCG is ready to teach programming with Minecraft Modding! πŸ™‚

Useful references:


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