ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 26 Jan 2015 – Batik Fractal Programming


codeMeetUp() today is about Batik Fraktal! Dimas Yusuf Danurwenda share the process of making batik traditionally and with technology. Batik Fraktal develops a software to create batik patterns, named jBatik. The company name is Piksel Indonesia, which two of the founders are also the initiator of BCCF.

Pak Budi Rahardjo deliberately wears one of Batik Fraktal products, which is the uniform of his company: Indocisc. Dimas explains how the batik pattern is carefully calculated and created, that there is also a deep philosophy behind the design


This is one of the plate used to create batik patterns:


And this is the explanation about L-system, a language to describe and generate fractal


jBatik software helps the user to create their own patterns using fractal formulas. The possibility is endless, this is superbly awesome!!! πŸ™‚


And this is us, with some friends from Kampoong Monster, and some textile designers.

IMG_5493codeMeetUp() next week will be about Animation Programming, by Kampoong Monster! ❀


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