ProCodeCG at “Move On, Yuk!” Event 17 March 2015


Today ProCodeCG joins an event held by BCCF Bandung titled “Move On, Yuk!”. This event gathers youths and their creations.

This is our profile on the x-banner, confidently claim self as a start-up 😀


This is our display, not as impressive and as full-featured as other communities but we’re quite confident.


Even when we have to sit side by side with Tinker Games!!!


This is us when explaining about our vision and mission and the importance of giving programming education to kids to the Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs. He said that providing  children with this skill to make them future programmers and IT experts is a terrific idea and we should talk to Minister of Culture and Education and to put programming in our national curriculum. Yeaaah 😀


And this is us with Tinker Games ðŸ™‚



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