ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 13 April 2015 – e-Fishery


Our guest today is CTO of Cybreed: Chrisna Aditya!
IMG_7628This is some details about him
IMG_7630The founders. In two weeks Cybreed’s CEO: Gibran will share about start-up at ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 🙂
IMG_7632Cybreed is a very innovative company. It offers solutions that hardly ever been thought by any other companies before.
IMG_7633Cybreed collaborates many disciplines. This is what makes Cybreed’s products have strong impacts.
IMG_7634This is e-Fishery, one of the product. An automated fish feeder.
IMG_7635e-Fishery gives solutions for fish farmers
IMG_7636This innovation makes Cybreed earned lots of awards from INAICTA, Get in the Ring, SeedStarsWorlds, etc.
IMG_7637Well, success never comes easy. It was a long way before e-Fishery got its look now 🙂
IMG_7639And also the hardware design was never easy.
IMG_7640These are there process every start-up has to gone through.
IMG_7641And one more thing, Chrisna initiates this community of hardware nerds, so that more collaborations can be done to produce more solutions to solve more problems!
IMG_7642And this is the contact 🙂
IMG_7643And like always: this is us!
IMG_7645*Notes: There are fellows from DyCode, Kampoong Monster, Cyberlabs and many more! 🙂


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