ProCodeCG at Helar Fest 2015


This is our booth at Helar Fest 2015 today, at Babakan Siliwangi 🙂

We displayed some slides, some games created by ProCodeCG Kids Programmers while also having fun like reading a book or buy some food from stalls around 🙂

Many people were visiting us, asking questions and seemed pretty interested in ProCodeCG programs 😉

The kids loved to play the games – created by kids! 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

These kids once learned how to create games with Scratch, and they were interested on how to use GameMaker 🙂

We also had a visitor from Singapore (the guy with white t-shirt), who owned his own start-up and visits Bandung to hire programmers. He was really interested in ProCodeCG Kids Programming and gave lots of advice! 🙂

He also showed us a simulation tool and let kids tried it

Ok, this is us 🙂 The mentor was busy on his another booth (pics will be added later)

And this is the kids, hungry behind the stage 😀

Everybody was having fun at this event successfully held by BCCF! It is still going on tonight, with many more interesting events!


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