ProCodeCG Kids Programming 23 May 2015 – Blockly


Today we got newcomers, yaaay! They keep up with the class very quick so that the all of the class can do the same level of programming today 😉

IMG_0051 1

Some of the parents are staying and observing and sometimes also helping their kids 🙂

IMG_0050 1

Today we learn about logic and algorithm with Blockly Games 😉 This is a very great tools to learn coding while also giving enough challenge for the kids to solve problems!


IMG_0048 1


Blockly is is very similar with Scratch, so some kids also open Scratch and do some coding they want 😉


IMG_0056 1

Blockly gives JavaScript version of each problem has been solved. Neat! 🙂



IMG_0054 1

Like usual, ProCodeCG has little coding teacher demonstrating how things work 🙂





IMG_0053 1

And when the teacher get confused, the class will discuss and help! A very nice collaboration!



IMG_0052 1


Next week we will do more Blockly and problem solving, while maybe also explore Scratch for more advanced topics 🙂


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