ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 5 Oct 2015 – A Cup of Friendly Tips: Psychology with a Touch of Technology


Wow, we had a topic on psychology for the first time on our codeMeetUp() today! 😉

Fani Apriani from 123 Education shared about Psychology with a Touch of Technology 🙂


123 education is an organization that concerns about kids and parents (parenting). The organization has 3Dragons, an animation education and community for kids, and A Cup of Friendly Tips, a psychology activity for parenting based on technology.


In a stressful like this, where the pressure and burden of life is getting higher, there are so many psychological problems occur.

IMG_7781 IMG_7782

And finding the solutions for those problems is not easy.


A Cup of Friendly Tips is designed to provide solutions, with the touch of technology.


The solutions cover the biggest issues in community.


One of the example is corruption.


The solutions being offered for corruption is to find the motives and eliminate them.


The most adorable thing is that the speaker practice a very good parenting example during (and even before and after!) the presentation. She brought this little cute kid who was really brilliant creating and experimenting with shapes on PowerPoint!


We also had lots of inter-discipline discussions.


And this is us! Different crowd, but sharing the same spirit and happiness each time! Thanks for coming!

Next week Kampoong Monster will be back with animation workshop again! 😉


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