ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 24 Oct 2015 – Finishing Bubble Blaster


Yesterday we worked on finishing our Bubble Blaster game in Python 🙂


We added some important functions to make it work, and adding time limit and score.


And this is the expression of our little coders in work 🙂

This is Ardi trying to debug his code because the bubble won’t pop op! 😀


Faris is working on displaying time and score.


Gaga is figuring out what went wrong with his code because the bubble won’t come up


Cinta and Capt. Anya are discussing on how to modify the game


Azriel starts to modify the Bubble Blaster to be an 😉


We still haven’t decide what to do next week because we’re going to have a programming event, so probably we won’t have any class next week. But, well see 🙂


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