ProCodeCG on Xsatrya Bandung 31 Oct – 1 Nov 2015


ProCodeCG, and its fellow startups Kampoong Monster and CyberLabs took part in this amazing event: Xsatrya Bandung, 31 Oct – 1 Nov 2015.

Day #1.

On the first day, kids went all over the city to observe problems related to transportation, trash and heritage and  translating the observed problems into solutions in form of comics, animation or programming/coding.

Kids had just returned from observing the city. They were preparing to discuss solution with design thinking.


Kids were divided into three groups: Comics, Animation and Programming. Each groups divided into 3 sub-groups based on age. The group with older kids was mentored by Kak Ade Amat Sanidin and Kak Noel (CyberLabs). The middle group was mentored by Kak Rendy and Kak Alvin(CyberLabs). The group with youngest kids was mentored by Kak Yunan Hilmi and Zaki (ProCodeCG).


This is the younger kids from programming group discussing about creating solutions on transportation problem in Bandung. Capt. Zaki from ProCodeCG observed the process lead by Kak Yunan.

IMG_9131 IMG_9132

This is the older kids from programming group being tutored on how to use GameMaker by Kak Amat and Kak Noel.


The middle group of programming was guided by Kak Rendy and Kak Alvin.


Kak Bintang Senja (Kampoong Monster) participated on Design Thinking Workshop given earlier by Labtek Indie at BCCF Bandung, but he couldn’t participate on this event and being substituted by Kak Aditia A. Pratama (Kampoong Monster).

Day #2

On the second day, kids started to implement their ideas into programming using GameMaker.


We divided this group into several teams: some working on the coding, some working on the presentation and some working on the cosplay.

Capt. Zaki was in charge to make sure the coding works as designed the previous day. The solution designed was to create a teleportation tunnel to help pedestrians crossing the road safer by entering teleportation spot to get to the other side! 🙂

IMG_9161 IMG_9162

These three kids are ProCodeCG Kids Programming students. From left to right: Azriel, Ardi and Naufal. They are very bright and talented. The challenge for the was not the coding. But how to do teamworks 😀IMG_9163

This little one is also a ProCodeCG Kids Programming student. Smart and bright, Cinta always put all effort on whatever she’s doing. She was writing a sorting trash games.IMG_9164

The older team from programming and the supervisors 🙂IMG_9166

Capt. Zaki and Capt. Fizhan were discussing about the game and capturing pictures for the presentation slide.


The small sticky men are the people crossing the road, the blue circle is the teleportation gate, and the area on the right side is the other dimension to get the people to the other side! 😉


And we created some properties for the cosplay too, Capt. Zaki covered all the process 🙂

Capt. Fizhan was working on the presentation and make sure it was well designed and informative. Capt. Syahna helped with cropping and editing techniques with Paint.


And after this, all groups were supposed to present their works in front of our Mayor!

We are very glad to be part of this great event! Hoping that this little contribution will give the kids a great experience in problem solving, teamworking and coding skills.

Note: there was no ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class yesterday, but we’ll be back next Saturday! See you! 🙂

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