ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 21 Nov 2015 – More Physics Simulation with Algodoo


More Algodoo today! 🙂


Ardi is still in charge teaching the whole class 🙂


Capt. Fizhan is also in charge jump starting student who missed last week’s class.


Our target is to create a boat (or boats) with paddles, and make it sail!


We don’t just do that, we do experiments on gears too 😀IMG_0269

Or probably adding gears to the boat..


Or building the boat from scratch again because apparently it is easy while it’s not! 😀 Combination of density, shape, center of gravity, placement of paddles and motor speed determines how to boat works! 😀


Faris experimenting on ramps 😀


Capt. Zaki is creating a water bomb rocket


And hey, we learned about winch too!


We make simulations from real life’s example


We also plot the force, angular speed etc 😀

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-21 um 11.12.28 vorm.

There are still lots of things we plan to do next week!

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