ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class 20 Feb 2016 – Multiple Choice Quiz in Python


Hello, we’re going a bit advanced today: we create a code to read questions from file and create a GUI for displaying all the questions and answers as multiple choice quiz, also with slider window on the side 😉


It is quite a long code, reaching more than 100 lines 😀 But the kids just type it!


This code runs on Python 2.7 because 3.5 won’t recognize tkMessageBox 😀


Many people happen to see us doing this ask us: “Are you sure this kids understand coding? In Python?!?”. Well, this kids don’t just understand, they can modify it and also make their own 🙂


We got a newcomer today, a little guy named Awa, a 2nd grade 🙂


Awa was given a task to solve some simple logic, algorithm and problem solving exercise  🙂 The dad jumped in to help! 😉


We have lots of things to do next week, but the main problem is that not all laptops have the specs for high consuming applications, and our internet connection is not very reliable lately so we will figure out something that will work for next week! 😉

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