ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class 27 Feb 2016 – Creating Quiz for Other Kids To Do


Today we modified our lengthy GUI Quiz Python codes to be personally designed by each kids. Later on other kids will do the quiz and see how good they are based on the standard 😉


Some kids were given different task, and they did very well 😉



Awa, the youngest kid in the class today is working on Minecraft version of Blockly 🙂


He completed all levels 🙂


And so did Michael and Kevin, they finished it much earlier 😉


And while Kevin gave Awa a help on some levels


… we got a new student from Canada, hello Clarence 🙂


Clarence and his sister caught up very fast 🙂 Seems that they liked the class already (they arrived 30″ before the class ended 😀 )


Malik is working on his quiz code, he had added more button and the next step is to add final scoring.


So everybody has some homework for next week! See you then! 😉

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