ProCodeCG Sharing to Taruna Bakti Grade 7 Students


Today ProCodeCG shared about “What Does A Coder/Programmer Do” to Grade 7 Students of Taruna Bakti at Digilife Dago 🙂


There were about 34 kids so this room will be packed up! 😉


They arrived and made registration


Some of them very curious about programming, they had some experience with robotics and Arduino. But most of them know programming or “programming” from Minecraft 😀


So glad we had a super big screen so everybody can see what being displayed 🙂


This how they looked when they were watching a video about “coding is magic. it’s some kind of superpower.” 😀


And at the end of the event, there were some challenges, and whoever can finish one level of code, will be given a gift from Telkomsel T-Cash and Simpati 🙂


They had to code in front of their classmates (and being helped and cheered up by others of course 🙂 )


And this is the winners! 😉 ❤


Hoping to see most of them on upcoming ProCodeCG Coding Camp! 😉

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