Coding Mum Briefing and Preparation 17 March 2016


Today ProCodeCG, Bekraf and 7-Eleven held a meeting for briefing and prepation for Coding Mum Bandung that will be started tomorrow!


The meeting was held in Dilo Bandung


We were discussing about administration stuff, schedule and numerous details.


We were waiting for more people to come so while we were waiting we got to know each other and took some pics 😉 Mba Ellen and Mas Saeful from 7-Eleven were discussing about uploading files to Google Docs and kindly gave us the greatest smile! 😉


These are Mas Endra and Mba Wuri from BEKRAF. Sitting next to Mba Wuri is Pak Bullitt, the coordinator of Dilo who was in charge to give us briefing about Coding Mum Curriculum.


Mba Assry, Dilo Bandung Coordinator and Mas Bintang Senja, trainer of Coding Mum were also in the meeting.


All are set up. Handouts. X-Banners. Tools. Schedule. Internet connection. Food for snacks and lunch. Class. Table. Chairs. Projector. Extension Cables.


Then we started to talk about the Why-How-What of Coding Mum.


The room for tomorrow is already set up!


We will make report on Coding Mum daily! See you tomorrow! 😉

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