ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() #76 – SOS Children’s Village


Today, National Director of SOS Children’s Village Indonesia, Greg Hadi Nitihardjo, share about how to bring out the best of other people around us 🙂


The best of me is being the best self, the best of me for you is being good for certain people, but the most important thing is how to bring out the best of people around you.


Before one be able to bring the best out of people around, one should find the best of themselves

Because each person has different intelligence


So everybody will have different and specific talent. This should be identified as early as possible. Kids will show their strong interests and talent, thus they should be directed and being pushed to sharpen the skill in those areas.

There are ways to do multiple intelligence self assessment


Multiple intelligence explains that everybody has different talent, skill and expertise. Everybody should respect each other. Nobody is stupid, there are people who lack responsible and don’t want to learn. Everybody should find and improve their skill.
IMG_8886 IMG_8888

Emotional intelligence is very important

It can be trained. And it is really important to improve someone to be a much better person.


Wow, the topic fits mums perfectly! 🙂

Technical skill is important but we also have to improve our side of humanity 🙂


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