ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Intro to Programming, GameMaker, Java Programming and Apps Programming


Our Intro to Programming, GameMaker, Java Programming and Apps Programming yesterday 🙂

Some kids arrived earlier because they couldn’t wait so we let them sit in Arduino Class and do their thing 🙂

Nanin (in pink hijab) arrived earlier, and luckily Capt. Syahna and Capt. Cinta were there happily to help 🙂


So while the Arduino Class was running, the captains made sure Nanin got the best assistance 🙂


Prudence arrived earlier too because her brother was in the Arduino Class. Pru was working on her Apps Programming task 🙂

The app will be run on her Android device by scanning the QR-Code from the website.


The laptop is bigger than the kid 😀


Azriel decided to learn Java seriously. He was busy correcting compilation errors.

Vian had just got assets he needed for his horror game created with GameMaker. He planned to make a game similar with Agario but with scary face and sounds 🙂


Hello Robbie! We can see you love programming a lot 😉 Rafi was there too working on Intro to Programming too, so sorry we didn’t have the pic 😦

Always love this kind of happy faces in class 🙂


The class (Arduino class students were still there 😀 )

J (in grey shirt with black long sleeves) was working on his Java code while his father (next to him tinkering with his new devboards). On the back are Capt. Malik and Rezvan’s Mom and little sister. Faris (grey shirt with blue long sleeves) was doing his Java code from handout too.

Faris created a really interesting game in Java 🙂

A totally mindblasting game 😀 He still wants to add more features to it


So much things to do in the class. Leaving us more things to do next week! See you soon 🙂

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