ProCodeCG at ITENAS Alumni Homecoming and Sharing – 1 Dec 2016


Yesterday ProCodeCG was invited to share about our journey to lecturers and students of Industrial Engineering Faculty.


Our founder, Marisa Paryasto, got the Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from ITENAS. So as an alumni she shared the view from outside the campus, what’s going on there and what is expected by the stakeholders.


There is a wide gap between what is expected by the industry and what a graduate can offer. ProCodeCG was founded to fill in the gap. It provides education for kids to make sure that in the future we will have enough qualified programmers and IT experts, and education for moms so that they can have programming skills mostly needed by the industry. IT and programming skills will help mom to raise their kids in this information technology era.


The audience 🙂 They were pretty shocked that kids and moms can do programming and get things done 🙂


We also gave some suggestions for the institution, lecturers and students to be able to cope with the challenges 🙂 Hope that it was inspiring enough 🙂

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