ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Intro to Programming, GameMaker, Java Programming, Apps Programming


Hello, some of the kids didn’t come today but we had enough kids to do each topics of this class 🙂

Pru and Cinta (not in the pic) were working on creating apps


Pru misses several classes so she took sometime to recall the lesson from the last class 🙂 While Cinta was getting ready to create a new apps: attendance list app 🙂


Vian is still very busy with his game assets. He said he had no idea for the game today, he just wanted to create sprites 🙂 Hope you’ll get them back soon, Vian 🙂


Rafi is starting a new game. Maze game 🙂


He learns about collision, walls, room and scoring from this game


Hello J! J had done the code on the handout before he came to the class 🙂 He is going to explore more about creating an order list with price 🙂


Hello, Fadhil is back after a while! He started the intro to programming with Blockly Games 🙂


J had some problems with radio button action listener because radio button group cannot have action listener


Sure it is a difficult task. We’ll figure out some simpler way to do it, J 🙂


The apps Prudence was working on


After that one was finished, Pru started to create the Xylophone app 🙂


Rafi finished the game 🙂


But he needs to add score. And live and health level if possible 😉


There will always be new things to create on the next class. Will be reporting again soon 🙂


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