ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Open Topics – 14 Jan 2017


This class has many topics inside 🙂

This is Capt. Syahna and Capt. Cinta assisting Nanin (the tiny little girl). Nizma (the girl on the right is older sister of Nanin 🙂 )


Vian was continuing his GameMaker project

IMG_0839 2

We had a newcomer 🙂 Indira (on the left) had just joined our regular class 🙂 See we have more girls in the class yaaaay 😉


Capt. Fizhan was trying to help Tyo fixing his computer


There was something wrong with the VGA setting of the computer, it made the computer so slow and laggy


Vian was looking for pixel art assets for his game 🙂


While Capt. Azriel, who has just lauched his first game to PlayStore: Telolet Game had an headache thinking about his just born start up named Orion Labs 😀 He has to think about how to market the game and get some revenue 😀


Hardware and software kids 😀


Kids from the first class usually stay in the class finishing their work. Look at those face 😀


Nanin created a new game 🙂


She played the game (that she created) with her sister 😉


Capt. Cinta was working on creating some apps with Thunkable while also assisting Indira working on LightBots 🙂


Tyo was catching up with his Java Programming


Nanin showed her game to her mom 😉


Nanin with her new ProCodeCG Jacket 😉 ❤


And there is always playtime in every class 😀 We didn’t take the pic of Jundy (with backpack) and his father (in black leather jacket) working on Java static error 😀 We’ll try to figure it out later 🙂


Can’t wait to see you again next week kids. This is only a start after the holiday 😉


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