ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Arduino Programming – 4 Feb 2017


Hello! Today we arrived early enough to witness and capture Capt. Awa setting up the classroom šŸ™‚

IMG_2024 IMG_2025

Capt. Awa has a very tight standard about the arrangement so we made sure we follow the order and setup had been laid out šŸ˜€ Look how the mat and the tables were neatly placed šŸ™‚


Raul came early and started to work right away!


We created a schematic of shift register and seven segment today šŸ™‚


Raul complained about the number of resistors involved. He said “They are only slowing me down!” šŸ˜€


Raul’s didn’t work, we checked the wiring and got dizzy, and we found out later that the seven segment wasn’t placed correctly LOL šŸ˜€ Let’s fix it next week Raul šŸ˜€


Abit arrived early too. He continued the lesson from handout: button šŸ™‚


Abit learned button to turn on and turn off LED onboard, LED on breadboard, and multiple function button.



Capt. Awa doesn’t really like seven segments šŸ˜€ He hates the wiring *this is how he looked like seeing the schematic on the display šŸ˜€


Even with the presence of his senior, Capt. Awa was still frowning šŸ˜€


A great teamwork šŸ™‚


Capt. Awa’s wiring šŸ˜€ It is clear why he dislike seven segments šŸ˜€


Meanwhile, Nayla, little sister of Nafis was diligently putting her brother’s Arduino stuff into a new toolbox šŸ™‚


Nafis was glad to have a new toolbox but seemed to hate seven segment wiring just like Awa šŸ˜€ Hang on kids, once you get used to it, we can create great things šŸ™‚


Rafi undergone the same path as Abit today: learning about button šŸ™‚


Rafi forgot to bring his toolbox, so he used ProCodeCG’s šŸ™‚

IMG_2046 2

Clarence wanted to do the class project today (he probably not in the mood working on his wifi project :D)


He wanted to learn about shift register

IMG_2045 2


Clarence’s didn’t work probably because he used common cathode instead of common anode (which we refer in the class today), or probably there were some incorrect wirings, or he used different set of array for the seven segment. We will find out šŸ™‚


Ren was the only one sticking with common cathode seven segment. So he had different wirings and code šŸ™‚




And Ren’s worked šŸ™‚ As usual šŸ˜‰


Rheino didn’t bring his toolbox because he left it in Jakarta. So he borrowed Awa’s Arduino board and ProCodeCG’s breadboard and stuff šŸ˜€ That’s why we have two group of wirings to double up the headache here LOL


Rhei’s wiring seemed to be correct but it didn’t work. We will debug it or start from scratch again next week šŸ™‚


Ozan was in a great confuse looking at the schematic, just like everybody else in the class šŸ˜€


So we did it together and phew! Ozan’s worked well, yaaay šŸ™‚


Dika started his first Arduino lesson today šŸ™‚


He learned to turn on LED onboard, LED on breadboard and RGB LED šŸ™‚


He also learned to turn on multiple LEDs alternately


RGB LED worked just fine too šŸ™‚ Dika took 2 classes today on the same topics: Arduino, because he couldn’t stop šŸ˜€


The class today šŸ™‚


Next week we will add up the difficulty: we will use 2 shift register and 2 seven segments šŸ™‚


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