ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Open Topics – 4 Feb 2017


Open topic class today 🙂  Pru was getting ready to continue her Thunkable lessons 🙂


The Xylophone Apps now works on Pru Android device yaaay 🙂



The Xylophone code


Then Pru created the camera app

IMG_2068 IMG_2069

She customized the GUI


And yes it worked! 🙂


Raul stopped his Arduino project and start Java Programming 🙂 He’s now very good at compiling and debugging 🙂


Raul has learned about GUI. He created guessing number and calculator app in Java today 🙂  He glad that all his Java code worked (as oppose to his Arduino project LOL)


There was also Vian working on his GameMaker but too bad we didn’t take any pic of him 😦

We will update handouts for more interesting topics and projects next week 🙂



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