ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – ESPectro Programming – 15 April 2017


Our class today before most of the kids showing up šŸ™‚ Very few learning ESPectro Programming today, probably because of the long weekend šŸ™‚


Clarence continued his ESPectro projects, which usually different with what’s been taught in the class šŸ˜€


Ren catching up with what he missed next week šŸ™‚


He finished button and button to serial


And neopixel coding. He will continue the neopixel traffic light next week šŸ™‚


After a month, Nafis was back šŸ™‚


We needed to install libraries and drivers before we get started šŸ™‚


Lucky that we have a handy handout we can always refer to! šŸ™‚


We will start IoT Programming very soon, as soon as each kid’s infrastructure is ready šŸ™‚



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