ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – ESPectro Programming – 22 April 2017


Our ESPectro Programming class yesterday 🙂 Muhammad arrived early and set up the class, thanks so much 🙂


Yesterday we finishing some installation and start testing the ESPectro starting from LED, button, and then neopixel. Some had tried the wifi connection as well 🙂

This is Ren (left side, with glasses) assisting Nafis to debug his program 🙂


Naifs was so excited that the installation was completely done and he could start exploring the development board 😉


Muhammad was catching up with the handout, he was testing the neopixel


Reza creating the traffic light with neopixel and button for pedestrian crossing 🙂


Ren completed all the task given 🙂


Danesh started following handout from the beginning, from LED to button 🙂 He will probably start the neopixel next week 🙂


Raul quickly finished his neopixel traffic light and tried the wifi connection coding


Some codes was already in the example sketches, but most of them should be typed manually 🙂


But if you bear with it, things will work 😉


Reza was doing modification on wifi connecting code so it can detect more than one connection 🙂



We will explore more about wifi connections next week 🙂

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