ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Minecraft Modding, Java Programming & Apps Programming – 22 April 2017


The class 🙂


We got a newcomer today 🙂 Raihan decided to join Minecraft Modding Class. He arrived earlier but that gave us time to do preparations by installing things 🙂


Faris (grey shirt with green long sleeves) was busy helping Vian (purple shirt) while helping Raihan (black and red stripes shirt) installing things 🙂


Raihan’s computer is now ready 🙂 It has Minecraft and ScriptCraft Server running well 🙂


Vian was still exploring command blocks and creating interesting things with red stones 🙂


While Nanin got full supervision from Capt. Syahna 🙂


Nanin had added some improvement to her first app 🙂


She added different pics


And another screen to go when the username and password correct 🙂

IMG_7278 IMG_7280


There was some problem with Gyan’s server and Faris was trying to help out


Koosha (he escaped from the frame when the foto was taken) tried very hard to help too, and finally Gyan solved it himself 😀


Lots of things happening in the Minecraft world 🙂


While Nanin finished another app: Even or Odd Number App 🙂

IMG_7286 IMG_7288

IMG_7289 2

Koosha’s work on screen LOL

IMG_7290 2

Raul and Tyo were working on the same thing: creating client server code in Java for chatting 🙂 Hundreds lines of codes and lots to debug 🙂 Should continue it next week 🙂


Lots of achievement today! Great job, kids, see you next week 🙂

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