ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() #107 – LookAts & Soca Media


Our codeMeetUp() #107 yesterday 🙂

Setting up and preparation

IMG_3824 IMG_3825


The speaker (and secretary) arrived 🙂



Waiting for more people to come



Introducing Fina Silmi: Founder Lookats & Soca Media 🙂


She had great experience with start up, and she shared important things about how to do business creatively and productively


The (lucky) audience 🙂


About Lookats and its achievements 🙂


The objectives 🙂


“LOOKATS PROJECT is a small group of people that is currently creating a community through creation of events. we named it lookats project because of our passion to make a creation that is worth to be looked at. the urban lifestyle nowadays is really diverse and dynamic. however, it doesn’t stop us to create something new. we want to prove ourselves in everything’s happening in the world of creative industry or often said as trend” –

IMG_3836 IMG_3837

The formula to be able to do business creatively and productively. This is the most simple and straightforward and brilliant diagram about business we’ve ever seen 🙂


Some tips, tactics and strategy 🙂


Well, there was MORE things we learned than what can be seen in the pics, there was lots of discussion and QA sessions after the presentation 🙂

This is lucky ones learned so much yesterday (two supermodel, one it-preneur rockstar, one procodecg kids, and two nerds: one programmer and one electrical eng student) 😀


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