ProCodeCG – 5 Days Kids Coding Crash Course – Day #2 – 9 Aug 2017


Day #2 🙂 Ghazaska Mom was there all the time doing paperworks while the kids learned more about programming 🙂


Ready to learn! 🙂


Today we learn and practice more about programming logic


so that he will get used to solve problems with sequences, looping, conditionals 🙂


adding more complexity with x and y axis plus direction 🙂


Ghazaska don’t give up easily. But he needs to take a break once in a while, just like other kids usually do: Minecraft / YouTube 🙂


We will learn to create game on Day #3, but before creating our own games, we learn to do coding with games 🙂 CodeCombat 🙂


Today Ghazaska learned some Python language 🙂


He finished enough levels to be able to move to the next lesson, next week 😉


Next week we will create our own games 🙂

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