ProCodeCG – 5 Days Kids Coding Crash Course – Day #4 – 21 Aug 2017


The fourth day! 🙂 We add more things to the maze game *in coding/game making, once you start you cannot stop 😀


Ghazaska keeps adding levels


and details, and complexity 😀

IMG_6194 IMG_6195

When he gets tired, he will walk around the room to loosen up the muscles 😀


And then started to create a new game 🙂 In this game we will learn different techniques


like following objects and set up the horizontal and vertical borders because the background is moving

IMG_6201 IMG_6202

This is supposed to be a race, so we’re going to need another dolphin to start it 😉


We’re going to create another game on the next lesson 😉


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