ProCodeCG – BDV – codeMeetUp() #113 IoT Series Day #1 – 6 Nov 2017


Today ProCodeCG and BDV started Day #1 of codeMeetUp() IoT Series 🙂

ProCodeCG - codeMeetUp() #113 - ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() #113 - IoT Weather Programming Series 1:4 - small

Today we learned some intro about IoT, take a look at some devboards and sensors

IMG_1346 IMG_1347

We used devboard from DyCodeX: ESPectro ver 3 🙂 It is available on Makestro Shop 🙂


and then started to install Arduino IDE, drivers and ESPectro Libraries


As usual, the beginning is always painful because it takes time to download the libraries, and do the setting 🙂

IMG_1350 2

We had kids in the class too 🙂

IMG_1351 2


Everybody seemed to have fun, despite of the obstacles (different on every OS :D)

IMG_1352 IMG_1353


The first group successfully installed ESPectro library and make the LED blinks, plus turned neopixel off. They were given task to make neopixel blink but time was up so we had to continue next week 🙂

IMG_1355 2

ESPectro32 is already available on Makestro Shop, to those who are interested 😉


See you next week 😉


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