ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – 2 June 2018


Hello 🙂 This week kids are getting better coping with the fasting 🙂 Less whining and more working 😉


Vian was still experimenting with command blocks as usual 🙂


And Nadine started to add button to activate a LED

IMG_4996 IMG_5001 2 The code IMG_5002 and worked just fine 🙂 IMG_5004 The next project is adding one more LED IMG_5010 The first LED will be turned on each time we press the button in short time IMG_5027 2 When you push the button for longer time, the second LED will be turned on IMG_5023 The code IMG_5025 IMG_5028 2 IMG_5030 Koosha brought his own project IMG_5003 Koosha wanted to control a circuit via Discord, with Python 😉 We did lots of debugging to this code and found some version incompatibility, problems with libraries and many errors 🙂 IMG_5039 We still need to figure things out because we still cannot install one of the library in Python to connect Discord to the outside world. We’ll work this out next time, don’t worry Koosha 🙂 IMG_5049 Firaas learned GameMaker and Minecraft Modding today IMG_4989

This the latest version of Firaas’ PacMan Game 🙂


So typical of Firaas 🙂

IMG_4990 Neat and interesting as always, and Firaas was given a homework to start his own Agario Game 🙂 IMG_5009 Sam was struggling with making Agario work 🙂 IMG_4992


There are still some bugs, but that’s how we learned: how to take those bugs down one by one 😉


Capt. Faris spent half of the time gave a undergraduate student tutorial about tensorflow




… and the other half to explore blockchain coding in Python 🙂


Faris had learned how to modify the genesis and the mining process and many things in the code


IMG_5050 2

The number of attempts to get the required hash function



The chain


Fadhlan forgot to bring his laptop and some of the essential parts needed for the project so he just continued attaching things to the robot 🙂 In the picture: connecting wires to the servo


IMG_4997 This is how Fadhlan brought his stuff to the class OMG 😀 He seriously needs a toolbox (a big one) IMG_5044 He also got most of the components in the box contaminated with superglue! IMG_4998

Ain + his command blocks projects: a big smile 😀


Fathan’s Agario started working 🙂 Still struggling with the code, just like Sam 😀

IMG_4991 IMG_5042 IMG_4995

Nafis forgot to bring his robot, so that he was given a task to control micro servo via cloud so later he can apply it to the robot 🙂

IMG_4993 He brought the toolbox so there are enough micro servo to be tested 😉 IMG_4994

This is how ProCodeCG Kids learn: by solving problems, by being challenged, by working in a team and by following their intuition and curiosity 😉

Will be reporting again soon 🙂

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