ProCodeCG – Young Scientist Competition – Coaching – 20 Jan 2019


The first Young Scientist Competition Coaching to prepare the participants for the international competition πŸ™‚

Fadhlan had to present and demo his work


The presenter before us



Fadhlan’s Team while waiting πŸ˜‰

678577E5-C020-4F74-A9B1-030F26DBC7AC IMG_3998

Time for presentation


And the robot needed some tinkering to make it work again because Fadhlan had built it from scratch


The judges

IMG_4007 IMG_4008

One of the judges: Pak Janto V. Sulungbudi, lend us 18650 awt batteries, he helped installing the batteries too πŸ™‚


Still not working, must be the wiring or bad wires


So we had to delay the demo until we make this work πŸ˜€


We did everything: change the power supply, add it, connect it in parallel, in serial, divide them and all, still not working. Everything on the breadboard that connected to Arduino works, but the wheels just wouldn’t.


We checked the wheels and the DC motors by giving power directly and they worked properly. we suspect the motor controller but we didn’t bring any spares.


We worked for hours. After lots cups of coffee and tea πŸ˜€


We did soldering, and unsoldering, and then it left us with one possibility: wires connecting to the dc motors. And after we changes them, it works! πŸ˜€ Fadhlan glue gunned the connecting wires to secure them and apparently it burned the wires and make them stop working (next time no glue-gunning connecting wires!)


Back to the judges


Ok the robot worked nicely, only the ultrasonic sensor didn’t give any readings. Must be the wires πŸ™‚ But at least now we know what the problem is πŸ™‚



Judges gave suggestions on what to do to upgrade the robot, and we have to make weekly reports. This is a very valuable experience and a great honour for ProCodeCG to be a part of this awesome event. We’ll be working on this for a year, if we make it to the next stage, we’ll see πŸ™‚



*Photos and videos are also available here

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