ProCodeCG – BDV – Technical Series #8 – Machine Learning Object Detection with YOLO – 8 April 2019 – Day #3 #4


We finished the #3 and #4 session today šŸ˜‰


We explored both darknet and darkflow object detection today. This is the example of darkflow object video with camera




We tried very hard to make either darknet or darkflow works on each computer



c1e8557c-5869-4373-bd2c-39cbde1ce80d 11e81d99-eca1-44fb-b0d7-171a160d3dd0

88878aba-cca8-4eae-b3b6-9ffc6c32e5fc d3140504-7599-4b47-bb78-ab7b4936b517

54e1d0c8-b31f-4ed1-a20d-613295cac4ae 9daf7f58-557e-441b-99c4-32d985f25037

aff7019a-dce7-4f82-857f-8468ebe6df70 d3489f72-41f1-4307-85b7-62fa99c71ef9

422d8ccc-fead-43f2-973e-cb38e871a140 512d76ee-74c4-499d-a823-9ce887a7865f

b3a190c0-930a-40af-b3b5-6bb5ab53b7a7 dd691013-1794-41f9-87a1-67e354278f72


Some of the results today


Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.23.14 Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.23.09

The project today is to create our own dataset of 3 kind of instant noodle: Indomie, Supermie and MiSedap. We had to download the picture, put box around it and label it, make the system learn and then see if it can classify or detect the object


Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 14.54.57

At the end of the class we were still figuring out about how to get the new weights to train our dataset. The process took lots of time, we had to continue the rest at home šŸ™‚


*Photos and videos are also available here
Most of the photos are courtesy of Telkom Bandung Digital Valley

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