ProCodeCG Creating Games Private Class – Day #1 – 22 May 2019


Day #1 of Creating Games Private Class 🙂 The target for 3 days is to be able to make a game that is eligible to be uploaded to PlayStore 😉


Before start to create a game, one should learn basic principals of programming. Today Fariq has to go through some tasks to learn the logics and basic skills to create a game


Doing these kind of challenges and solving problems can help us to be more creative and flexible


On the left side is a tool to create games: GameMaker


Even though this tools is simple, it is powerful enough to create awesome games


and also to learn programming


IMG_1724 IMG_1725

An example of a simple game created with Game Maker 🙂 The first game of Fariq 🙂


*Photos are also available here



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