ProCodeCG – Kids Private Class – Basic Electronics – 24 May 2019


Alright we have decided the next project for Tyo 🙂 We’ve been thinking for weeks about choosing a sound recognition project from several alternatives. We have to decide which one and how to do it.

Today we will try simpler one, option number #2 🙂


We’re using BitVoicer for the speech recognition app to enable Arduino accepting voice command


After inputting voice samples, then we test them


After setting up BitVoicer then we will setup the Arduino


We’re going to connect BitVoicer to Arduino that will control home appliances (or at least simulation of home appliances :))


We still need some time to be able to operate BitVoice fluently but for now we already know the basic principles


This is gonna be fun 🙂 We’ll see how far we can push this project 🙂


*Photos and videos are also available here


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