ProCodeCG Creating Games Private Class – Day #4 – 14 June 2019


The Day #4 and these kids keep inventing their own games from the beginning 🙂 ProCodeCG has created a curriculum of creating games and kind of games to be given in our classes, but these two have their own ideas and make progresses on the path they created themselves 😉

Today Kishan finally resolved the problems occurred yesterday 😉


We tried hundred ways to solve it and today we finally solved it 😉


The game is very interesting because the object will change when it got shot, and it will be destroyed only when being shot several times, while it also run after the player 😉


we had to type long codes to make Kishan’s ideas work 🙂


Zaaka is a very thoughtful and quiet kid 🙂


He doesn’t talk much but works a lot 😀


look at those objects *a true indicator that the game is THAT complex 😀


some notes we took today


Tomorrow we will do more work and learn how to upload our game to AppStore/PlayStore 😉


Until tomorrow! 🙂


*Photos and videos are also available here

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