ProCodeCG Kids Private Class – Robotics – 4 Oct 2019


Just a few days left! We’ve got to work HARDDDDD!!! we finished the class last night and going to have another private class tonight and we just left the room like this 😀


Listing things to bring and also we need to shop some more stuff


the tense is getting higher so we have to LAUGH MORE and EAT MORE 😀 😀 😀

IMG_2366 IMG_2367

mouse reading is giving the expected result 🙂


the mapping result


we have more videos than pics, just checkout our Flickr and YouTube for videos 🙂


we worked 3+ straight hours 😀


IMG_2373 IMG_2374

*Photos and videos are also available here

YouTube video:
SNAPBOTS – Road to Russia – Part #6

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