ProCodeCG – Tel U – School of Computing – Node-RED Training – 28 October 2019


Today we learn Node-RED with Arduino for IoT 🙂


starting with installations


and then creating nodes

IMG_4420 IMG_4421


and make dashboard 🙂


IMG_4424 IMG_4427

then we start to wire Arduino and sensors

IMG_4428 IMG_4429

IMG_4430 IMG_4431


and control the circuit via Node-RED 😉

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 14.18.51


IMG_4435 IMG_4436

and then connect more complex nodes


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 15.26.45 Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 10.27.15

and then show the sensor readings to dashboard 😉

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 13.39.54

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 21.25.06

we covered all the tasks should be done today, there are some intermittent bugs related to OS, software configurations etc., but in general the training went very well 🙂


Thanks for having ProCodeCG 🙂

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