ProCodeCG – Darul Hikam – Kids Coding Class – 1 November 2019


Friday is our day for coding 🙂

Mandala is adding more characters to the game 🙂

IMG_4670 IMG_4669

IMG_4694 IMG_4701

IMG_4709 IMG_4719

Maliq is debugging the game

IMG_4671 IMG_4681

and then moves on to do a Flappy Bird coding challenge 🙂

IMG_4702 IMG_4713

Sami’ is on fire today 🙂


He created several levels and add lots of features to the game


IMG_4678 IMG_4692

IMG_4697 IMG_4699

Sami’ is making a huge progress today 🙂

IMG_4704 IMG_4708

IMG_4711 IMG_4715

Hanif is exploring several projects today

IMG_4673 IMG_4679

IMG_4689 IMG_4690

first we wanted to try PIR sensor but we didn’t have male to female connectors so we decided to explore LDR sensor and display the result to LCD

IMG_4693 IMG_4698


Khalis is always happy to learn 🙂


he chose his own coding challenger for today 🙂

IMG_4696 IMG_4703

IMG_4710 IMG_4712

Acha never runs out of ideas 🙂


he diligently adding more new assets and features to the game 🙂


IMG_4683 IMG_4695


Capt. Bullitt is busy teaching 🙂


IMG_4686 IMG_4716

The class

IMG_4700 IMG_4688


*Photos and videos are also available here

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