ProCodeCG – Darul Hikam – Kids Coding Class – 8 November 2019


Capt. Awa starts the class with the briefing about the upcoming exhibition 🙂

IMG_5175 IMG_5208

IMG_5199 IMG_5207

Rifqi creates a new game for the exhibition

IMG_5159 IMG_5176

IMG_5177 IMG_5178

So does Maliq 🙂 A new game with new fresh ideas

IMG_5160 IMG_5171

IMG_5174 IMG_5188

IMG_5194 IMG_5198


Mandala keeps the game he’s been developing and keeps adding new features


IMG_5173 IMG_5179

IMG_5182 IMG_5193

IMG_5196 IMG_5205

Hanif is working on a micro servo project

IMG_5162 IMG_5183

IMG_5184 IMG_5195

while Sami’ has added more levels and improvements to his maze game 🙂

IMG_5163 IMG_5172

IMG_5181 IMG_5185

IMG_5187 IMG_5206

Acha is still working on his very first game 😉 The game is now growing massively with LOTS of assets and HUGE numbers of tricks and levels 🙂

IMG_5164 IMG_5167

IMG_5180 IMG_5202


Ratu has created at least 3 games so far 🙂


She is going to choose which one for the exhibition, this one is the latest: BreakOut Game


Darrell also wants to create a brand new game 🙂


with more amazing assets 🙂

IMG_5197 IMG_5200


The class



*Photos and videos are also available here

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