ProCodeCG is a startup based in Bandung that concerns in technology especially in programming and coding literacy. We love to help children to build and develop their skills in IT environment, because we realize that children are the most precious investment when it comes to the needs of human resources. We are helping the future industries by shaping the skills of children to meet the tech industries landscape requirements as early as possible, because of the rapid changes in technology around the world.

Not just for children, we too, are helping creative industries environment by building community called Code Meet Up. This community consist of creative people with cross knowledge that concerns in technology and business. We gather, we share, we collaborate, and create something awesome together with another super creative people like you! And the best part is, it’s free! If you are an open minded, creative, and passionate people, come and join us in Code Meet Up community.

We take great pride in combining top talent from a wide variety of disciplines and bringing people together with one simple directive : collaborate and create!


Marisa Paryasto, PhD Electrical Engineering Institute Technology Bandung. A researcher at ITB. A part-time lecturer at Telkom University. Experienced in teaching and education. An expert in computer engineering/science, programming and cryptography. A big admirer of kids.


  1. Budi Rahardjo, PhD, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Institute Technology Bandung


  1. Prayudi UtomoCodeinTech Founder – Programmer

Captains/Teaching Assistants/Junior Instructors for Kids Classes

  1. Faris Hafizhan Hakim
  2. Bullitt Zulfiqar

Headquarter: Bandung, Indonesia


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