ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 14 Nov 2015 – Physics Simulation with Algodoo


Yeah! Today we played with physics simulation using Algodoo đŸ™‚ We can create shapes and objects and apply physics to them.


The expert of the topic and the instructor today is Lazuardi (Ardi) yaaaay đŸ™‚


We started by installing the software.


Then we create a car with two wheels, we added a motor to make it move đŸ™‚


We also added some tilted planes to see how gravitation works.


This was soo much fun! đŸ™‚ Even to those sitting further away đŸ˜€


This is Ardi being busy answering questions and helping other kids đŸ˜€


Algadoo is so cool we can create almost everything we want and see the simulation


This is how ProCodeCG Kids Class work: peer-to-peer learning. Ardi is a great teacher, he is so kind and helpful đŸ™‚

We tried to create a simple car


To how to create a turret đŸ˜€


We also took a look on some cool simulation examples


This is Ardi demonstrating a simple example of creating a boat that can float on water, with some rotors to make it move.


Can’t wait to see what we will make next week! đŸ™‚

Why coding/programming?


Coding/programming is as important as other basic skills that anyone, even kids need to have. It develops a structured way of thinking, thus improving logical thinking. It strongly related to language and math because it sharpened the ability of pattern recognition, which later, at the more advanced level will be very useful for strengthening problem solving skills.

Coding is also a great tools for understanding science and other knowledge. With coding skill one can develop simulation programs to support experiments and other scientific purposes.

Coding enhances the ability of analytical thinking through creating and debugging. By acquiring the ability coding, one will be able to create things, and escalate the level of creativity.