ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() #55 – Cash Payment System


Today we have the CEO of PT. Sandiloka, Ilham Rizqi Sasmita shared to us details about Cash Payment System on our 55th codeMeetUp(). One of the product of PT. Sandiloka is

IMG_4240 is aimed to answer the payment chain of online business.


IMG_4246IMG_4247IMG_4248IMG_4249IMG_4250IMG_4251IMG_4252IMG_4253 offers so many solutions to current cash payment problems.


Still, there are lots of challenges, but has identified and prepare strategies to overcome them.


This is how works.


We learn lots of new insights about payment system plus statistics and facts related to e-commerce. We really hope that system will be fully and widely integrated very soon because lots of people will take advantage of it 🙂


We will upload the recording on ProCodeCG YouTube Channel, but it will take some time for the video to undergo some editing process 🙂


ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() #47 30 Nov 2015 – Building e-Commerce


Our speaker to day is Handi Limijaya, CEO of, sharing about Building e-Commerce 🙂


He started since 12 years ago!

IMG_0804 is one of those rare business who can precisely identify its niche markets.

IMG_0805 collaborates with authorized distributor and service center major brand in tools and hardware.


The business is keep on growing ever since. And BTW, this CEO skill of programming helps him A LOT along the way!!! 🙂 😉


These are the e-commerce business model. is a retailer while also make use of marketplace.


To start an e-commerce retail, these things are to be considered of


And these are things to be done


The audience! 🙂

IMG_0814 is offering a free coupon! Use it now! 🙂


And this is us!


Next week: Kampoong Monster will be giving workshop on animation 🙂

ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 11 May 2015 – How to Maximize Landing Page to Get Potential Customers


Let us introduce Hervin Islahudin, Board of Directors of BIPPO Indonesia, a company of e-commerce service established around 2012.

IMG_9220BIPPO has many clients already, and it claims to be able to boost up impact of the landing page to lead regeneration two times higher.
IMG_9222Landing page is important. It is the profile of the product/company being represented. Therefore, it should be well-designed and tightly monitored. The more page landing, the better.
IMG_9223Here’s how to contact BIPPO, they don’t bite! 🙂
IMG_9225We’ve got lot of new people coming in 🙂
IMG_9226Here we are! 🙂



Next week we will have DyCode to give a short tutorial about iOS Apps Development! Don’t miss it! 🙂