ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 23 Feb 2015 – Possibility of Co-op based IT Company


The topic today is about IT start-up companies and the possibility of based them on co-op, an extraordinary idea presented and proposed by Seterhen Akbar, CEO of Labtek Indie.


LABTEK IND!E is an Interactive Technology Lab fueled with creatively energized and full of guts young persons, generating thousands of crazy ideas everyday and make them happen.


LABTEK IND!E implements design thinking concepts to each of its works

To be able to make a good product, it should have a desirable design, with feasible technology and visible business.

Co-op seems to be a great possibility for IT start-up companies


Co-ops offers more opportunities with distributed profits


We also got Rudi Suryadi, System Architect of IBM announcing about IBM competition going to be launched on March!


And this is us, like always, happy hearts and brains!

IMG_5955We’ll be reporting the next event, see you next week! 😉


ProCodeCG – CodeMeetUp()


ProCodeCG is setting up a regular event named ProCodeCG – codeMeetUp(). This is to gather programmers/coders to share, to collaborate, to learn, to be a mentor, to solve problems in different programming languages for different purposes.

Everybody can share their knowledge about programming/coding, so others can learn quickly about other language and maybe can collaborate different languages to solve some certain problems. We will also solve chosen programming/coding problems together with different languages and compare the result, whether it is neater, has fewer lines, faster, or more effective 🙂

The purpose of this activity is to broaden knowledge about programming/coding, finding mentors and talents, sharpening skills on languages and problem solving and also maybe meeting up employers with employee 😉

We will inform you about the time and place, but this activity is supposed to be held on a once a week basis! Geared up people!