ProCodeCG Attending ID-CERT 8th Annual Meeting – 3 March 2016


Today ProCodeCG attended ID-CERT 8th Annual Meeting. As a startup in coding and information technology, ProCodeCG should aware about computer and internet network incident.
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ID-CERT is a technical coordination team regarding to internet network incident in the whole world. Recently, the team is improved by RFC 2350 <; and name it as CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), as mentioned on its website below.

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The rundown of the meeting:

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Ir. Budi Rahardjo, MSc., PhD. opened the annual event by explaining the history of ID-CERT. Founded in 1998, has done numerous significant act and contribution to incident handling.


ID-CERT regularly doing research, providing helpdesk, and create Incident Monitoring Report occuring in Indonesia. ID-CERT is run by professionals and supported by volunteers.


There were about 80 people attending the meeting. More than last year.


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ProCodeCG will incorporate malware awareness into its Kids Coding Class so they will understand clearly which side they should be on. ProCodeCG has been teaching kids about virus and anti-virus, and will keep update them with recent trends and technology so in the future they will be ready to be this nation’s digital troops 😉