ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 16 March 2015 – How to Develop iOS Apps


OK this is exactly what we have been looking for all this time! A deep but comprehensible tutoring on
how to develop iOS apps by DyCode‘s CEO: Andri Yadi.


We first learn how to create backend using Microsoft Azure:


And then later dive deeper into Swift’s code to find out more interesting things! Swift is an interesting programming language. It is a combination between functional programming and OOP.


Well, only expert can tell this cryptic lines of code into something digestible! Because even most of the audience are coders, all of them are not familiar with Objective-C and Swift. So this really give us an amazing jump-start we really need!


We still want to learn but the time is up so we move to a smaller room to talk about the next event. ProCodeCG will soon collaborate with DyCode to give training on How to Develop iOS Applications for Beginners!


And this is us! Notice how happy we are and how rocking the t-shirts of DyCode are! 😀



ProCodeCG codeMeetUp 16 Feb 2015 – Bandung High Tech Valley


Today the well-known technopreneur rockstar Prof. Budi Rahardjo shared to us about Bandung High Tech Valley (BHTV).


Bandung, with its science, tech, and creative communities is a conducive place for such thing as Silicon Valley (Notes: if you take a look carefully at the lower left corner there is ProCodeCG as one of creative community 🙂 #important)


Bandung has LOTS of things to offer:


Many people did not attend this valuable event, but asking for the presentation slides. Well, sorry to say, you missed a great deal and without sitting it on, you would not get as much as these people came today! 😉

IMG_5847 crop

Thanks to friends from Kampoong Monster, Tinker Games, Media Wave and ITB for joining us. See you next week, we will inform you about the speaker and the topic very soon! 🙂

ProCodeCG – CodeMeetUp()


ProCodeCG is setting up a regular event named ProCodeCG – codeMeetUp(). This is to gather programmers/coders to share, to collaborate, to learn, to be a mentor, to solve problems in different programming languages for different purposes.

Everybody can share their knowledge about programming/coding, so others can learn quickly about other language and maybe can collaborate different languages to solve some certain problems. We will also solve chosen programming/coding problems together with different languages and compare the result, whether it is neater, has fewer lines, faster, or more effective 🙂

The purpose of this activity is to broaden knowledge about programming/coding, finding mentors and talents, sharpening skills on languages and problem solving and also maybe meeting up employers with employee 😉

We will inform you about the time and place, but this activity is supposed to be held on a once a week basis! Geared up people!