ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 7 Nov 2015 – Agario-like Game Making


Today we continue our project to create Agario-like game with Python! 🙂


The example code behaves more or less like Agario, the white circle is the player, the blue rectangles are the food, the red rectangles are traps, and the yellow rectangles (not shown) are points to get more size or scores. Eating the blue rectangles will make the white circle bigger while eating the red ones will make its size smaller.

Kids were supposed to modify this game into more Agario-like and it is fun to play and modify it then see how it worked 🙂

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-07 um 10.07.47 vorm.

We also talked about the plan of learning some Arduino coding in our class.


We saw some tutorial videos and it looked totally interesting!IMG_9526

Ok we’ll see when we will be ready to do programming on Arduino!


For next week we probably will give Algodoo a try 🙂