ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 29 June 2015 – Start Your Digital Business with Zero Cost Investment


Today, Meirissa Farah Fhonna, Cloud Ecosystem from IBM gave a workshop titled “Start Your Digital Business with Zero Cost Investment”

IMG_2783 1

This is totally an interesting workshop!IMG_2784 1

Bluemix has so many things to offer!IMG_2785 1

To build your own apps, with zero cost investment. IBM Bluemix makes it possible.

IMG_2787 1

It is about speed and choice.

IMG_2788 1

IBM will help to save time. And money 😉IMG_2790 1

We also did create our own chat apps using BlueMix! What a workshop! Thank you IBM!IMG_2815 1

See you again! 🙂


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