ProCodeCG codeMeetUp 27 April 2015 – Full Stack Web Developer


Today is the turn of CodeinTech CEO, Prayudi Utomo to share about Full Stack Web Developer πŸ™‚Β A very useful and interesting topic indeed!


He can be contacted through these:


Eventough this CEO is very busy doing various things, including being an important part of ProCodeCG! πŸ™‚


One of his amazing work is ASCALC:


And the other most important thing is that he’s been dedicating many times, work and effort to ProCodeCG. Thank you very much, Sir.


Based on his diverse experience as a programmer/web developer, he shared about this full-stack developer thing that can reduce cost and provide efficient performance especially for start-ups.


He also showed some codes, and here Pak Budi Rahardjo shows him. This is exactly what ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() initiated for: to do coding jam session, showing off some codes and compare it with others πŸ˜€


And this is us!!! Different faces means different connections and wider opportunities!


Until next week! πŸ™‚


Minecraft Programming – Listening to Events


Today we learned how to listen to several of events in Minecraft. Scriptcraft has library of events, so we can create listeners to responds to them.

Last week kids were going crazy inside Minecraft, they killed each other or destroy others’ buildings. Here is a code to count how many times a player breaking blocks:

var breaks = {};

  every time a player joins the game reset their block-break-count to 0
function initializeBreakCount( event ){
 breaks[] = 0;     
events.connection( initializeBreakCount );

  every time a player breaks a block increase their block-break-count
function incrementBreakCount( event ){
  breaks[] += 1; // add 1
  var breakCount = breaks[];
  echo( event.player, 'You broke ' + breakCount + ' blocks');
events.blockDestroy( incrementBreakCount );

And this one is a code to count how many times a player placing blocks:

var place = {};

  every time a player joins the game reset their block-place-count to 0
function initializePlaceCount( event ){
  place[] = 0;     
events.connection( initializePlaceCount );

  every time a player places a block increase their block-place-count
function incrementPlaceCount( event ){
  place[] += 1; // add 1
  var placeCount = place[];
  echo( event.player, 'You place ' + placeCount + ' blocks');
events.blockPlace( incrementPlaceCount );

These are how the players get messages about their breaking and placing activities

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-25 19.53.45
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-25 19.54.04

var count = {};

The code below combine two codes before so that for each breaking a player will gets the score decrease and got an increase for each placing:

  every time a player joins the game reset their block-place-count to 0
function initializeCount( event ){
  count[] = 0;     
events.connection( initializeCount );

  every time a player places a block increase their block-place-count
function incrementCount( event ){
  count[] += 1; // add 1
  var theCount = count[];
  echo( event.player, 'Your score ' + theCount + ', you have just place a block');
events.blockPlace( incrementCount );

  every time a player breaks a block increase their block-break-count
function decrementCount( event ){
  count[] -= 1; // minus 1
  var theCount = count[];
  echo( event.player, 'Your score ' + theCount + ', you have just break a block');

events.blockDestroy( decrementCount );

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-25 19.48.02
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-25 19.48.37

It worked to encourage the kids to build more buildings, but for destroying they were using TNT instead, and oh, the killing each other was still going on so the codes really needs some improvements!
And lots of reporting to the server below to help the admin anticipate even the mildest act of vandalism πŸ˜€

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-25 um 9.20.45 vorm.

ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 20 April 2015 – Immersive Display and Virtual Reality


Today, the topic is Immersive Display and Virtual Reality by Dr. Intan Rizky Mutiaz,Β Visual Communication Design Faculty of Art and Design Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Lecturer.


Visual Communication Design Faculty covers several Majors: Graphic Design, Multimedia and Advertising.


The topic is included in Multimedia Major. Multimedia covers these media:


This is about how human perception works


Some examples of virtual reality


A theory about human mind


How to design immersive display


An explanation about Field of View of eye vs Head Mounted Display (HMD)


Some cutting-the-edge products


We also took turns to experience it, OH WOW! πŸ™‚


Eventhough it was raining heavily, lots of people kept coming in, thank you for coming!

IMG_7983Next guest on ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() will be the CEO of CybreedΒ πŸ™‚

ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 13 April 2015 – e-Fishery


Our guest today is CTO of Cybreed: Chrisna Aditya!
IMG_7628This is some details about him
IMG_7630The founders. In two weeks Cybreed’s CEO: Gibran will share about start-up at ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() πŸ™‚
IMG_7632Cybreed is a very innovative company. It offers solutions that hardly ever been thought by any other companies before.
IMG_7633Cybreed collaborates many disciplines. This is what makes Cybreed’s products have strong impacts.
IMG_7634This is e-Fishery, one of the product. An automated fish feeder.
IMG_7635e-Fishery gives solutions for fish farmers
IMG_7636This innovation makes Cybreed earned lots of awards fromΒ INAICTA, Get in the Ring, SeedStarsWorlds, etc.
IMG_7637Well, success never comes easy. It was a long way before e-Fishery got its look now πŸ™‚
IMG_7639And also the hardware design was never easy.
IMG_7640These are there process every start-up has to gone through.
IMG_7641And one more thing, Chrisna initiates this community of hardware nerds, so that more collaborations can be done to produce more solutions to solve more problems!
IMG_7642And this is the contact πŸ™‚
IMG_7643And like always: this is us!
IMG_7645*Notes: There are fellows from DyCode, Kampoong Monster, Cyberlabs and many more! πŸ™‚

ProCodeCG Kids Programming 11 Apr 2015 – Build and Share The Same World in Minecraft


We did lots of things today!

This is the server showing the activity for the first hour of the class: kids chase and slain each other LOL

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-11 um 9.49.08 vorm. Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-11 um 9.46.44 vorm.

Until at some point they started to make strategy and develop buildings and also armory πŸ˜€

This is Dhanu’s rocket launcher building
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.43.25

And this is inside Diaz’s house, a very nice place with wide windows!

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.44.09
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.44.17See Dhanu’s rocket building through Diaz’s window
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.44.29This is how Diaz’s house looks at night
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.56.22And Dhanu’s at night. Incredible πŸ™‚
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.56.35This is some destroyed castle. Kids build it and then ruin it LOL
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.58.52
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.00.22

Dhanu’s has a very unusual structure πŸ™‚

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.04.08It has some pools below the building
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.06.10And this is how it looks from below
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.06.50Ok, we can go swimming here!
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.07.59This is underwater!
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.08.35And look, Dhanu (a.k.a loser) is building something under the water πŸ˜€
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.09.39Going up the surface
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.09.43And teleport self to Diaz’s basement
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.13.56which is particularly a very comfy place!
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.14.06See? It is Diaz tidying up the room πŸ˜€
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.14.13This is the entrance of Diaz’s house, it is interesting how kids able to develop things πŸ™‚
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.17.25

And this is how it looks at night. Nice.

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.26.48

A very nice room, buddy!
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.18.41And this is Zaki’s building. Very complex.
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.42.20
And very tall. You can climb up and jump, and see how beautiful its construction.

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 11.42.43This is how Dhanu’s rocket building looks from above
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.30.32From the top
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.31.41You know what? Everybody should try to play Minecraft. It really sharpened the spatial skills. This complex skyscraper is made by a kid. Awesome dude!
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.32.46Still lots of things to do but we really have to end the class (the kids just wouldnt want to call it off LOL)
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-11 12.35.58

Oh, btw, this is some pictures from when the kids chasing at and kill each other, LOL

IMG_7467 IMG_7470 IMG_7469 IMG_7468

Minecraft Programming – Network Setup is Ready!


Ok. The network setup for ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class tomorrow is ready! πŸ™‚

The server is being set up on a Mac, it should be able to handle up to 20 players
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-10 19.21.06

The CanaryMod server can control and monitor the world and the players. There are two players currently in the game. To give them control to do Minecraft Programming with ScriptCraft, the server admin should type “op
Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-10 um 7.22.03 nachm.

This is the view from one player
Tangkapan layar 2015-04-10 19.26.37

And this is from the other one

keikei minecraft

They are looking at each other and ready to share and explore the world together! πŸ™‚
Can’t wait to see what happens in class tomorrow! πŸ™‚

iOS App Development Training with DyCode


Today we, DyCode and ProCodeCG collaborate to give a training on iOS App Development with Swift at Bandung Digital Valley (BDV)!

This is the participants and the trainers before the training started πŸ™‚ Happy and fresh, glowing and shining πŸ˜€


This is Andri Yadi, the CEO of DyCode, a leading company of training and apps development. He is also President of ID-Objective-C, the one and only in Indonesia.


This is Bayu Wicaksono, Mobile Apps Team Lead of DyCode. A very hardcore and qualified programmer.


This is us after lunch break. A bit burnt out after a hard Swift coding session πŸ˜€


We also got a guest from IBM, this is Rudi Suryadi – System Architect, explaining about Development War Day. Register before 18 April 2015, there are merchandises for those who sign up! πŸ™‚


And DyCode surprised us with a bonus topic: INTRO TO WATCHKIT! WOW πŸ™‚


Ok. Everybody wants to lead on technology and programming, should learn from a leading trainer. DyCode offers several trainings on apps development. Visit for more info.


We also gave merchandises away including this very cool Swift T-Shirt! It is given to The Most Awesome Participant, which was Seterhen Akbar (Saska) from Labtek INDIE!


And to make it even, as DyCode had twisted our brains to keep up with all the coding stuff, ProCodeCG’s Mentor, Budi Rahardjo gave DyCode’s CEO a book about Elliptic Curve Cryptography (written by Pak Budi Rahardjo and also ProCodeCG’s Founder Marisa Paryasto). So that DyCode will experience more or less the same headache LOL


Another gift, a USB from Microsoft Azure was given to the youngest participant: Rio Rizki Wijaya.


All of the participants today, along with DyCode trainers and ProCodeCG personnels will get together again on ProCodeCG codeMeetUp next week, Monday 13 April 2015!

End of the report today πŸ™‚

ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 6 April 2015 – Kids Programing and Coding Literacy


codeMeetUp today is about Kids Programming and Coding Literacy, by Marisa Paryasto, founder of ProCodeCG πŸ™‚

Why coding for kids? Is coding literacy really needed?



ProCodeCG already has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Kids Programming Class.


This is the audience, thanks for coming! πŸ™‚


We also have a guest from IBM today, Ichsan Mulia Permata – Client Technical Specialist POWER System – Systems and Technology Group, explaining about Developer War Day

IBM Developer War Day

And this is us! Happy as always πŸ™‚ ❀

Next codeMeetUp() we will invite the Founder of e-Fishery! Be there! πŸ™‚

ProCodeCG Kids Programming 4 Apr 2015 – Learning to Build Things with Array


Today we learn how to use array to create boxes in Minecraft. We have learned how to use box and box0 before, and today we give boxa (or box array) a try.

The kids are now getting better at typing codes πŸ™‚ They typed it fast with very few typos.


And this is how the teacher works, using more than one computer, and if necessary, she will uses three πŸ˜€


This is the coding for creating arrays of boxes,


.. and this one is the coding to create colored triangle


And these are the result! Basically boxa picks the kind of box defined in the array and uses it alternately, depends on the weight, height and length.

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-04 09.44.22

By using boxa we now can make a 3D colored-triangle

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-04 09.43.22

like we did in 2D before πŸ˜‰