ProCodeCG codeMeetUp 27 April 2015 – Full Stack Web Developer


Today is the turn of CodeinTech CEO, Prayudi Utomo to share about Full Stack Web Developer 🙂 A very useful and interesting topic indeed!


He can be contacted through these:


Eventough this CEO is very busy doing various things, including being an important part of ProCodeCG! 🙂


One of his amazing work is ASCALC:


And the other most important thing is that he’s been dedicating many times, work and effort to ProCodeCG. Thank you very much, Sir.


Based on his diverse experience as a programmer/web developer, he shared about this full-stack developer thing that can reduce cost and provide efficient performance especially for start-ups.


He also showed some codes, and here Pak Budi Rahardjo shows him. This is exactly what ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() initiated for: to do coding jam session, showing off some codes and compare it with others 😀


And this is us!!! Different faces means different connections and wider opportunities!


Until next week! 🙂


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