ProCodeCG codeMeetUp 4 May 2015 – ICT-based Values for Non-ICT Business


What is great about ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() is that we can learn many things in just 1-3 hours.
Like yesterday, we learned A LOT about what a Gibran Huzaifah, the CEO of Cybreed, the founder of e-Fishery, has gone through – from one failure to another, from one business to another, until he becomes who he is now. In such a very young age.

IMG_8682This young man is not only a successful businessman. He is also a kind and down to earth person. And super funny too 😀

e-Fishery has won lots of awards so far:

IMG_8685And this is the quote that makes Gibran started his business in aquaculture:

IMG_8687He started business in aquaculture from selling snacks from catfish: dorri
IMG_8688and also opened the business at several places
IMG_8689And create another product too, le-box 😀
IMG_8691Until now, Gibran is still running the business in catfish nursery

and has grown bigger:

IMG_8695The values of e-fishery:
IMG_8693e-fishery’s features:
IMG_8694And very good tips for starting up a business:

Start early. Start small.


The point is to find out if there is a problem to be solved, how to solve it, why people would buy your solution, and is it possible to create the product.
IMG_8697How to contact Gibran:
IMG_8698And this is us!


Notice that there is the CEO of the famous Tinker Games too 😀

We should tell those who didn’t come, that the missed a lot. A LOT.

Next ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() will be about Maximizing Landing Page to Get Potential Customers by BIPPO 🙂


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